I just listened to a podcast from the ABC radio show All In The Mind http://www.abc.net.au/rn/allinthemind/stories/2008/2217264.htm which was about the fact that the brain we function with is the same brain we emerged with about 250,000 years ago. This particular program was a discussion with two psychiatrists who are using this knowledge to inform the way they treat their patients. I was fascinated, and so I went to the blog and was astonished to see that the comments already there were from people horrified by the idea that we have any remnant reptilian or early mammalian brain and derided it as complete nonsense. I was shocked and thought I’d time travelled to somewhere in middle America. (No offence). Anyway, the following is most of the comment I left.
“It is apparent that the fact that we are the exact same species that existed “before India was connected to Asia” is not widely understood. We are, in our terms, an ancient species.
As the program described, we developed as a species, (the same one we are today, Homo sapiens) at a time when we lived a primitive existence in groups of between 10 and at the most 200 members. And today we live in the world that we do, for the most part, quite well. Certainly in terms of life expectancy anyway.
I found this program absolutely fascinating and I’m going to be pursuing all the links listed to find out more.
“I was thinking the other day about why we (humans) prefer soft or shiny things. I was thinking about the paper we use in our photocopiers, it’s usually 80 gsm and it feels kind of rough in comparison with another paper which is 90 gsm and really smooth. It’s beautiful to touch, and in the office I was recently working in, was kept for ‘special’ projects which required colour photocopying and had to look very schmick.
And it got me thinking. Why do we prefer smooth or shiny or soft (like velvet or fur) objects to touch or look at.
“As someone with a scientific bent (and degree) I looked naturally to our evolutionary development, and what would have been the adaptation which made smooth and shiny better than rough and dull.
For the shiny (diamonds for example and glossy paper) I wondered if it was because if you (as a hunter/gatherer) could detect the shiny glint coming from the eye of a predator or possible dinner for your family, you’d be better adapted to your environment and therefore ‘fitter’.

“For smooth, don’t know, maybe to attune you to finding parasites (bumps) and removing them.
For soft, maybe to attract you to pelts to keep you warm.
Anyway, loved the show. Really loved it. Thanks.”

If you’re interested you can get some great links for more information from the link above.


Hi! My name’s Mandy, what’s yours?

My name’s not really Mandy. Well it used to be, for 21 years. Then I decided to lose the Benny Hill-type tag and started using my birth name, Amanda. That’s me. Amanda Louise Vallis (by birth) Thompson (by marriage – now defunct).

But when I was a little kid, sometimes my family would go to the beach, and I’d be playing in the sand on my own. So if I saw another kid that I wanted to play with, that was how I’d get the ball rolling. “Hi. My name’s Mandy. What’s yours?” Worked every time. I wish I could still do it that easily actually. Imagine all those times you get into a lift and  you’re stuck in there for agonising seconds with one or two others, each of you trying to pretend it’s not as awkward as it obviously is, to be so physically close to other people and yet to be ignoring each other. Very strange.

I have started this blog in order to communicate, to anyone who’s led here, my thoughts and ideas and beliefs about, well all sorts of things, but basically why we’re here (on Earth that is) and what it’s all about.

I’m a teacher, by training and by birth. I’ve lived a big life and I’ve been a seeker of truth (there’s no real non-corny way to put that) for about the last 30 years. And lately I’ve been trying to secure for myself a permanent teaching position. During this time I’ve been supported by an enlightened friend who, after looking at my (astrological) chart, suggested that maybe, instead of teaching science, I should be teaching metaphysics.

I’ve never been one to say no to the Universe when I think it’s trying to lead me in any particular direction. So, with amazingly very little effort (big thanks to the wordpress guys), here I am.

I hope I can be of some service to you through this magical portal.

God bless you.

Amanda xxx

I don’t think so. In brief, because of free will. I do believe we have free will. I do believe we are here (on Earth) as spiritual beings in a physical body and environment. Without free will, there’d be no point. We would be like a battery operated toy. If this is the case, that we actually don’t have free will, then I’ve been wasting my time for the last 30 years. Which isn’t impossible.

So if I have free will, then so do you. If I love you, or care about you, and I can see that you aren’t happy, then naturally I’ll feel motivated to do something for you, in whatever way I’m capable of. Personally I’m not so strong on the actually-doing-something-practical for you. Like cooking you a meal for example. But I would be capable (and motivated) to pray for you, or use creative visualisation to create a better situation for you. But if I could create your life for you the way I think would be good for you, I might be stopping you from experiencing something that you will teach you something you need to learn. This is just one example.

For example, years ago I desperately wanted to study vet science. I was enrolled in the first year of a science degree, and halfway through the year I decided I wanted to become a vet. And I mean I really wanted to become a vet. I found out that Sydney Uni each year took in a limited number of students into the course who were transferring over from another degree. So I thought the best way to maximise my chances of being accepted was to get the best possible marks in the second semester of my science degree. I’d gotten an A, two B’s and a C in the first semester so I determined to get four A’s in the second semester.

This was no mean feat. At that stage I was about 24 years old…. Backtrack. I left school after Year 10. I hadn’t done the last two years of high school. I hadn’t studied any senior high school science. I’d never even written an essay in my life when I got accepted into a Primary (elementary) School Diploma of Education course when I was about 23. I worked my butt off and got four Distinctions and four High Distinctions. But during the course of the year I realised I didn’t really want to be a primary school teacher, but having done and loved an elective science unit, I decided to transfer into a science degree, which I did.

So the idea that I would be able to pull off four A’s in a science degree was extremely optimistic to say the least. But I was extremely determined. So I worked extremely hard AND used The Secret. Not that I thouht of it as such, then or now. But the methods in The Secret are the things I used. To the best of my ability anyway. I hadn’t read anything metaphysical at that stage so I was making it up as I went along. But I felt (knew?) that I had to convince myself that I was capable of doing it and that part of this would be convincing everyone else that I was also.

Anyway, the day came when I received my letter of notification of my results. (Yes, youngun’s, we had to wait for the postie back then. You are soooo lucky you can get your info so fast nowadays). I opened the letter with my heart in my mouth, and read the results. An A, another A, another A and…. a B.

I was shattered. Shattered I tell you! Three A’s and a B and I was shattered.

A few weeks later, on my drive to my casual holiday job, I anxiously stopped at the local store to get the newspaper with the announcements of who had gotten into which courses (ditto you lucky b………s who get it online now) and sat in the car and looked up the results…. and, you guessed it, my name wasn’t there!

This time I wasn’t shattered, I was depressed. Deeply depressed.

I didn’t get into vet science, and I never did become a vet. And that is… the worst thing that ever happened to me. No!! Of course not. That was in fact a Godsend, a miracle, fantastic, etc. etc. etc.

Why? Because ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t tell you why I wanted to become a vet. WhyI wanted so desperately to get into vet science was – well, yes, I did love science, and yes, I did (do) love animals BUT much more than that, I was truly madly and very deeply in love with a guy who… Guess. Yep, he was doing vet science at Sydney Uni and had just started that year.

We had broken up just a few months earlier because basically, as he said, “I don’t know if I ever want to get married and….. if I do get married…. I don’t know if it’s you I want to marry”.

In my head, I never for a minute thought, “I know! I’ll somehow get into his course [which was at a different uni to the one I was in] and then I’ll be able to be in his presence and who knows what could come of that”. But with only a very little hindisght, this is exactly what was going on for me subconsciously.

Getting into vet science would have been a disaster for me on so many levels.

1. I was never going to be able to “get back with” him. (By the way, he’s now a successful vet with his own practice in an idyllic country setting and has been happily married for about 20 years).

2. I would have continued the torture of being near to him without being able to have him (so to speak) for years.

3. I couldn’t have handled being a vet. I am way too much of a softy. I could never have condoned euthanasing an animal unnecessarily, let alone done it myself.

4. Not to mention slowing up my own path to whatever it was I was really meant to be doing.

So, what if someone who loved me decided to take into their own hands and manifest my desire for me. And say it had worked and I’d gotten into vet science. Well, refer to 1-4 above. Not helpful. Really, not helpful.

This story also illustrates some other issues I have with the use of the tools described in The Secret for manifesting the things you want in your life, but I’ll do a separate post on those.